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4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #1307 by Peter Moore
Amazed was created by Peter Moore
I am still amazed by bird keepers that will hand over cash for birds from a few pounds to sometimes thousands then put them in a filthy transport box/container that never gets cleaned out with nothing to absorb any excrement or liquid so that by the time they get home its all over the bird and what happens you let the bird out ? it normally preens itself to get cleaned up and so the bird that has already had a stressful journey takes in harmful bacteria and after a short time can become ill and die :ohmy: next you complain to the person you bought it from complaining.never mind about the money you have lost what about the bird that you have killed :( be it unintensional.

Make sure your Transport cages are clean and fit for purpose please. Caution: dont clean the cages the day before with a strong disenfectant and make sure they are dry. ;)

NEW clean transport boxes/cages are available at most sale days in a variety of sizes and ranging from under £10

Take great care where you put the birds in your car, most cars these days have heating ducts under the front seats directing the air to the rear passengers feet also the front ones blowing into the footwells, when it is cold and you put the heating on high or full it can get very hot and then when you get home and put them outside it will be a great shock to them.

Ask the seller for some of what they have been used to:Try and keep there diet the same or gradually wean them onto your diet:
Ask if they are used to going through a hole to get to inside quarters
Ask if they have been drinking from a tube or container on the floor:
In winter Do not put them straight out when you get home especially if late in the day as they will most likely go straight in the bath and will soak themselves and not dry out in time before it gets dark:
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4 years 8 months ago #1308 by James McKay
Replied by James McKay on topic Amazed
Hi. Peter, could not agree more, for the sake of a little soap and water or a few pounds for a new one it is totally crazy, especially with Softbills, you cannot be clean enough.When I get new birds home, they go into flight cages on their own, once settled they are sprayed with a anti-mite spray and given an early morning bath or sprayed if they are a bit reluctant. They stay in these cages as long as required ( usually about a week ) to make sure they are eating what is offered and there are no obvious ailments or injuries. A note of the diet from the previous owner is a definite plus. James

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4 years 8 months ago #1310 by bobby
Replied by bobby on topic Amazed
Good advice peter

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4 years 8 months ago #1313 by Dorothy
Replied by Dorothy on topic Amazed
We have incorporated cat flaps ( without the flap bit ) for our birds to go in and out of. They are easy to keep clean and we also fit a small wire cage onto the opening. We leave new birds in the inside space and they hop in the cage and then back inside for a few days.when we let them into the flight they are familiar with how to get back inside for food.

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