The FSSUK aim to provide a forum on which all feel welcome. It is our aim to use this forum as an educational platform to aid people in understanding the requirements of foreign softbills held in captivity & to promote captive breeding, hence gaining vital information of the various species to help others to achieve success.

The following rules below will apply:

(1)  To join the Foreign Softbill Society, your real name (not site name) address and telephone number will be requested by a member of the Admin team & checked before full  membership is granted. This is to try keep the site clear of problems. 

(2) The term “Foreign Softbill” includes any fruit, insect or nectar eating bird which is not normally found as a resident or migrant to the UK (a list of which can be found on www.defra.gov.uk).  Rare migrants are acceptable.

(3) The definition includes foreign crows/jays/magpies and fruit doves but excludes all birds of which seed/corn form part of their diet this also excludes ALL parrot-like (regardless of diet).

(4) New members should fill in there profile and load a picture onto there avitar & complete a short introduction in the “Introductions section” when joining the site.

(5) No bullying of any form (including but not exclusive to, name calling, ridiculing other peoples’ ideas and bad mouthing).This applies to the open forum and private messages sent through the FSSUK site.

(6) Anyone found to be bullying another member may be removed and, or suspended from the site and possibly barred from future membership.

(7) Do not post information about other people’s birds unless you have their express permission.

(8) Do not post about the location of other people’s birds or provide any identifiable information which could pinpoint peoples addresses.

(9)  We strongly advise that you do not post your address on the open forum.

(10) Sale/wanted/exchange posts must fall within the criteria of foreign softbills & be submitted for moderation & must be your own birds, Exceptions may be permitted ! The species named in English & Latin & if not will be edited for you, age if known, and any other information, ie closed rung/dna sexed.

(11) Adverts only accepted from members that contribute to the site, i.e. posting/replying to topics. No Bird Traders Adverts are Permitted.

(12) The sale/wanted/exchange rule will be relaxed at shows/displays/sale days where members can sell any species of birds permitted by law.

(13) Do not post anything which can lower the reputation of either FSSUK or bird-keeping in general.

(14) Posts may be edited or deleted by Moderators if they are deemed to be unsuitable.

(15) No swearing or foul language.

(16) Topics should only be started which are related to foreign softbills. Posts may be removed for not complying with this and the member will be directed to a more suitable forum in this instance.

(17) Show courtesy and respect to other site users, just because they may have different methods or ideas to you does not mean they are wrong.

(18) The managers have ultimate authority to undertake any decision regarding both the FSSUK forum and the Society in general.

(19) DO NOT post copyrighted images on the FSSUK forum unless you have the express (i.e.written) permission from the owner of the photo. This applies even if the images appear to be freely available on the internet any such copyrighted images will be removed from the FSSUK forum.Posting a link on the forum to the photo does not breach copyright law and is acceptable.

(20) Any petitions must firstly be submitted to the site Administrators for approval & not posted directly on the site, this may result in being deleted or locked until a decision is made on the subject petition. 

(21) If a member fails to log into the site after 12 months there membership may be terminated. This is to cut down on site maintenance.