Welcome to the Foreign Softbill Society UK:

The objectives of the Society will be as follows: 

The Promotion and Establishment of Captive Bred Softbills: –
Heighten the awareness of Softbills in aviculture, target species their  husbandry and breeding programes.

The Promotion of Display of Foreign softbills at events to raise awareness & give advise to any questions asked of softbills.

Information Exchange: –
The aim is to encourage pro-active exchange through online forum and printed threads in magazines and newsletters, allowing keepers to have fellowship with like-minded keepers. A long-term goal is to increase information sharing etc on a formal basis with zoo's and Bird Gardens.

A breeder’s database: -
A species database of holders and breeders, with updates through the database co-ordinator.

Contribute to the First breeding records: 
A register of all Softbill species first breedings in the UK.

Endangered breeding programme: -
This is to involve selected groups of birds that would be given a high level of research and information collection, collaboration with other countries and organisations and an exchange programme (stud book).

Species co-ordination: -
Administration tools that deliver the information within the society, target species groups and results reporting on mortality, husbandry and breeding.

The establishment of a website that delivered this content: –
A 24/7 method of content delivery with multiple authors, editors and content scheduling.