Founder John Robinson 2009:                                    

Welcome to the Foreign Softbill Society UK.

This site was developed to be a Dedicated Foreign Softbills  possibly one of the 1st of its kind.

Although most bird keeper/breeders keep a variety of birds this site caters only for Foreign Softbills not resident to the UK.

New members are welcome but please remember this is a Dedicated Foreign softbill site, new members Will be asked for private details such as your real name, address & contact telephone number & will be contacted before being accepted and able to post as a member on the site. I am afraid this has been deemed nec to help protect the site so that members can continue to make use of its intended purpose, but also in case we need to contact you.

Your registration details will only be known by admin & will Not be passed onto any other party and NOT held on site.

All information posted has been given freely for members in the hope it might help other Softbill keepers to breed from captive held stock already in our aviaries, and of course encourage new softbill breeders for the future with the help from experienced softbill keepers/breeders. 

The site is not manned 24/7 so please be prepared to wait at times.

Please Note:Some of the Site & its Breeders articles are only viewable to registered members.

Peter Moore. Site Administrator.


Photo is of a Buff-throated Sunbird (Chalcomitra adelberti)